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April 23, 2014


If only white people responded to racist shit from neo-nazis and blatantly racist white people with the same vigor they respond to people of color who express frustration over the racist shit white people do to them

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And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had

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i don’t get raceplay i just don’t 

like how does being called the n word turn u on ??????????

Does raceplay include pretending to be a different race, or just being degraded for the race you currently are?

the latter im pretty sure but both are pretty fucked up imo 

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I hope when y’all look in the mirror you really appreciate your looks and understand that the ‘worlds view’ on beauty doesn’t apply to you. That you look beautiful or handsome without anyone else’s say or opinion involved.

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A reminder, folks, that if you aren’t a trans woman you should not be spelling out the transmisogynist slur tr***y. No one can reclaim that word but trans women. Do not spell it out. Censor yourself.

What about transmen

Did you seriously just pull a ‘what about the men?’

Fuck right off.

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White people be like “so I’m racist because I don’t find an entire race of people attractive.”
Lmao uh yes

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dragon age: inquisition + companions
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Black men make jokes about light-skinned men and all, but they’re still seen as black men in the end. No one questions Drake’s blackness. They just remark on him being a mixed dude with light-skinned privilege, but I have not once heard anyone say they don’t see him as a black artist. He’s just…

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