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July 23, 2014


David, your Barty Crouch Jr is showing.

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Rose: Come on Doctor, lets go to the beach!

Doctor: Just let me put some suitable footwear on.

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boobs would be a lot cooler if you could unzip your underboob and store things in it like a pencil case 


u heard me 

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Government: We want to keep pregnancy rates in young girls down!

Government: *Has terrible sex education for young girls*

Government: *Charges lots of money for birth control*

Government: *Charges lots of money for pregnancy tests*

Government: *Charges lots of money for plan b pills*

Government: *Is against abortion*

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Kai Davis - Fuck I Look Like .



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me as a teacher

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wanna know what a cow looks like washed and blow dried?



that is what a cow looks like washed and blow dried


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WHERE are they getting this stuff !!

By Lauren [tumblr]

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I refuse to let my child go through the “I hate being black” stage

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why isn't it a problem when m.i.a raps? why is it ok to have chicano rap/asian rap/ etc? But as soon as white people try it you all lose your shit?
asks Anonymous






That’s so cute and simplistic. Did you work on this question all week or…? No one cares when white people try to rap. We care when they don’t represent their authentic selves or are plain untalented. We don’t care that Eminem is white. He’s not out her performing sonic blackface, despite being from the Detroit Metro Area. Yelawolf sounds like a southern rapper because… he’s a southern rapper. Homeboy is from Alabama. His voice is his. Hell, we didn’t even care about Bubba Sparxxx. Homeboy is from Georgia. Plus, Ms. New Booty is still a bop, so.. *shrugs*

Iggy literally sounds like something out of Malibu’s Most Wanted. Protip: that movie was not a documentary. This sheila is claiming she’s in the “murda bidness”. Homegirl grew up in Mulllumbimby, New South Wales, on a fucking farm. What the fuck was she murdering? Chickens? The hopes and dreams of her parents? What? You tell me. But she is flagrantly being dishonest and unauthentic. She sounds like all the mediocre parts of some of the premiere lady rappers throughout the years. She ain’t as cool in her delivery as Da Brat. She ain’t as raw and bold as Foxy or Trina. She ain’t as cute or skilled as Charli Baltimore. Iggy is what happens when generally mediocre white girls think they deserve to win and people who don’t know better let them. 

Fuck this person, I hate how this has like 6k notes when its a pretty blatantly racist argument that I hear alllllll the time. Anyone that thinks of gangster rap (if you want to consider iggy that just due to the content of murda bidness and for the sake of the argument) as anything more than just a genre of music is fucking retarded. Saying that someone cant rap because they aren’t from a ghetto is like saying someone cant paint in a post impressionist style because they aren’t from the late 19th century. “Sorry you cant be a rapper due to circumstances completely out of your control, like not being born to a certain specific socioeconomic class”. I’m a white middle class kid but I’ve been listening to hip hop (specifically new york originated gangster rap) since i was 8 years old when Vol 2. Hard Knock Life dropped. If rap is your favorite genre of music and you feel inspired to rap then you have all the right in the fucking world to rap.

but, white people can’t be discriminated against? oh wait!
Someone should tell them that T.I is all over her and that’s a black guy making her win.


People who don’t know better includes Black men entrenched in misogynoir, sweetie. But nice effort. 

Charli Baltimore the cutest? I appreciate the nod to her dope ass, but please.

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If you feel like you about to hate stop yourself and drink a glass of water and check your credit score and also check if your house is clean and if you achieved anything of importance today

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Broken Shovels Farm


Broken Shovels Farm

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